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Blackcatgo Brand Store is located at Room A, 2nd floor, Tian'an Industrial Building, 777 Changsha Bay Road, Lichi Cap HK. Established at June 1st 2016,I have a lot of stories to share with you.


The first story I want to tell is about myself.


I have to admit i was suffering the time when i set up this brand. Not about the money,the biggest suffering reason for me is the fact that i was losing my girl who was the one i want to spend the rest of my life with.


Helpless i was born in a poor family at 1989,my dad passed away in 2005. She didn't want to get married with a poor man like me. I swear to her and myself i will prove my success within 2 years so i set up something. Unfortunately,2 years were gone,so does the girl. I am still that poor guy.


In fact,I got the chance to earn enough money and prove my success if i sold fake items in the pass two years.(Some of my bussiness friend already made that happened.)


But...My dad told me to be a honest guy when i was a little boy. I will never forget the last word he said to me when he was suffering so much in the bed. Yes! He still want me to be an honest man,to be a useful person in our society.


I can't be a Profiteer even though losing my favorite girl .


Sorry about the boring time if you don't like my story.Next I will write more about BLACKCATGO.


Invested by my chilhood friend,I opened a little office and gether some young people who have the common idea:Bring the world the good quality item,Refuse fake and bad quality thing.


We are also a group of young people who love watches and accessories.As you can feel from our website,we always collect the good quality watches from all around the world.Sometime we produce watches and design something too.


We hope you can have a happy time when shopping with us.And i hope you can be an honest people whenever.


The ways to contact us,you can:
JION Whatsapp: +852 54269316
ADD Line ID:Balckmail
Write an Email:Twservicecenter@yahoo.com
(When order placed successfully,you can check it on our website all by yourself.If you want to change the information of your order or Cancell it please contact us by the way we offer below.)
官方網站(OUR Website):https://www.blackcatgo.com
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香港官網(Hongkong Website):https://hk.blackcatgo.com

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